What is & why are you all about “real” food?

Good question! I’d love to share…

Real = true and actual, not aritificial/fake

Real food has ingredients you recognize and ingredients that are in their natural state.

Ok guys, confession: I really just use “healthy” when talking about food because it’s a word that more recognized.  But shooting straight with ya, REAL FOOD is where its at!!! It’s what we were made to eat… Here is a quick explanation of what real food is…

In the words of health advocate Michael Pollan, “Don’t eat anything your great-great-great grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.”

Chicken, yes. Dehydrolyzed chicken protein with yellow 5 food coloring added, not so much.  Real foods are what we need to get back to.  Our bodies simply were not designed to absorb and run off of “food” manufactured with artificial ingredients and chemicals in a facility. Real foods include all the food groups- from proteins to sweets and everything in between, and I’m all about choosing healthy, real options in each category.

I believe this way of eating makes the world of a difference in how I feel and my overall health, and my family’s health as well.

And now, for a friendly little example of a super surprising artificial-rich food.

You know, those little bits that I totally thought were a simple, straight-forward food….

Breadcrumbs, yep, thats them. Well, I was WAY wrong!  There are FORTY-FOUR ingredients in a can of breadcrumbs, including partially hydrogenated fats and high fructose corn syrup (cross arms emoji)…Forty-four…What the…?!

Scrummaging through your pantry reading nutrition labels?? Yep, been there, done that!! Now, I’m here to have your back.  If you are wanting to serve you and your crew REALLY GOOD, REAL FOOD ONLY MEALS, you’re in just the right spot!

More real eating help coming soon!

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