20 Min. Meal- Sweet Garlic Chicken Wings with Roasted Squash and Cauliflower

5 Min. Meal- Shrimp Ceviche over Grits

5 Min. Meal- Butternut Squash and Apple Soup with Chicken Quesadillas

20 Min. Meal- Blackened Shrimp Over Rice with Kale Chips & Asparagus

How the heck is it that we are into mid September already?! I have to admit though that here in Florida, I’m SO ready for hurricane season to be over and for cooler temps to breeze on in!

I’m thinking about you all though, realizing in other parts of the country it’s the ideal time of year! So, soak it up and enjoy it, I will be sure to not introduce pumpkin until the time is right for EVERYONE.

How sweet is it to think that all across the world, we are striving together to cook and eat healthy in a way that is do-able, sustainable, real-life!  Gone are the days of having a ton of random ingredients in your fridge leftover from that 1 pinterest recipe you made that took ya an hour plus, was slightly disappointing because it wasn’t worth all that effort and time, and dreading tomorrow at 5pm when you have to start all over again.

Seriously, I hope you are feeling the benefits of this way of cooking, stacks 100%!

Here’s the newbie— gotcha some blackened shrimp with lemon butter sauce, sweet garlic chicken wings, buffalo chicken salad, shrimp ceviche over grits and more! Mmmmm Mmmmm! I SO hope you are helped by it and enjoy it!

In your corner,

Important Notes: ERWM plans are ALWAYS real food only (no preservatives, additives or artificial ingredients), gluten free, dairy optional, and easily paleo adaptable.  You can mix and match the days as works best for YOU, just remember the first meal in each column needs to be made before the ones below it can be made.  Each week is designed to bring your total hands-on kitchen time down to around 1 hour. Amounts listed are for a family of 2 adults. Singles can half or cook as listed and use the extra as lunch the next day. For families, multiply amounts.