Another Friday, another meal plan tested and approved for YOU!
This week and next, we’ll be soaking up the flavors of summer before moving onto some comforting fall goodness. We’ll be making sweet’n’savory turkey or beef (your choice) burgers that are stuffed with diced onions and apples. Also, a real version of sweet and sour meatballs with cabbage noodles– a super tasty meal you can feel good about eating.  For the other stack, steak is the meat of choice- fajitas with one of my all time favorite dressings full of cilantro, avocado and lime, and a kale and nectarine stir fry that will likely surprise your taste buds.
Cheers to eating healthy food that TASTES GOOD,

Important Notes: ERWM plans are ALWAYS real food only (no preservatives, additives or artificial ingredients), gluten free, dairy optional, and easily paleo adaptable.  You can mix and match the days as works best for YOU, just remember the first meal in each column needs to be made before the ones below it can be made.  Each week is designed to bring your total hands-on kitchen time down to around 1 hour. Amounts listed are for a family of 2 adults. Singles can half or cook as listed and use the extra as lunch the next day. For families, multiply amounts.