How it Works

Imagine being able to make 6 delicious & healthy meals using only 1 hour of your time a week?

The Stacked Meal Plan

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In only 30 minutes TOTAL,
what if you could make...


Rosemary Chicken Thighs with Roasted Cauliflower & Cabbage Steaks


Chicken, Spinach and Cabbage Marinara

and this?

Curry Chicken Fried Rice

You can!

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Only $14.95/monthly

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Each day’s cooking is a building block for the next day’s meal.

The plan is divided into 2 STACKS, with a BASE BLOCK that begins each STACK. These BASE BLOCKS are the days we cook our proteins and veggies and take only 20 hands-on minutes in the kitchen.

Then on the other days, we change or add to the foods that were made in the BASE BLOCK in order to create 2 more unique meals in each STACK. And get this, those meals only take about 5 minutes for you to assemble.

The Stacked Meal Plan will help you...


Gain confidence in the kitchen

I'm learning so much about cooking in general, while eating the best we ever have. - Nicolette


Get your time back

These meal plans have saved me significant time and mental energy in determining what to cook for my family. - Jen


Save money

I love that this meal plan repurposes ingredients for multiple meals - it has instantly cut down our grocery list and saved money in the first week. -Alex


Enjoy your life

Can't say enough about how this has helped our family eat healthier and enjoy dinner time together!! - Adria

What makes the Stacked Meal Plan so different?

We believe that eating healthy shouldn’t take so long. The average dinner takes over two hours from start to finish. But, not here!

Here, we show you how you can easily make 6 healthy and tasty meals in 1 hour total EACH WEEK.

With our help, you will be able to confidently make healthy meals as fast as possible, eat better AND feel better because of it!

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Featured in:

Edible Native Sun - Natural Foods Market

Amy’s ‘meal stacks’ are a brilliant way to make cooking with real ingredients an easy, manageable option for busy people who want to eat with intention. Her program covers the basics of stocking a kitchen and how to cook satisfying meals by mixing and matching fresh produce, proteins, and pantry items creatively throughout the week. - Amy Robb, Publisher, Edible Northeast Florida

Start your FREE trial today!

Only $14.95/monthly

Cancel at anytime.