Are you a busy person who wants to eat healthy?

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Amy Jensen, Founder of Eat Real with Me and The Stacked Meal Plan

Amy Jensen, Founder

Hi, I'm Amy Jensen.

I live in Florida with my entrepreneur husband and 3 boys (ages 3, 6, and 9). Mom-ing, helping folks eat healthy, and adventuring are to me, a life well spent.

If you want to eat healthy at home, this is the place where you will find practical kitchen help, healthy recipes you can make fast, and some other fun stuff on the side. My goal is to help you gain confidence in the kitchen and make progress toward your healthy eating goals by way of time-saving tips and great, fast recipes.

Here’s some of my best work:

Amy comes from a long line of ingenious, resourceful cooks.

When my grandmother immigrated to the States from Croatia, she became a from-scratch school cafeteria cook that had the principal and teachers eating from her styrofoam trays. My mom taught me to rely on intuition in the kitchen and treat cooking as an artist would a painting.

Being a family of two entrepreneur adults and 3 very wild boys makes for a never-boring life. The work of creating is my favorite and this space serves as a home base for my creations as of late.

For fun, we adventure out of our converted ambulance and just recently took a 2 month trip across the country. Personal highlights were surviving "moderate" hikes with my little humans, seeing the Milky Way in plain sight, and running from a wild coyote.

I love a good challenge! Can you tell that already? In 2011, I ran a half marathon as a non-runner. In 2014, we moved across the country (for the second time). In 2017, I wrote 52 weeks of meal plans. And in 2018, I'm still standing after having semi-raised 3 boys.

I'd love to "meet" you! Feel free to email me directly at amy@eatrealwithme.com, and find me on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.


Learn more about The Stacked Meal Plan and how you can get 52 weeks of recipes.

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Each day’s cooking is a building block for the next day’s meal.

The plan is divided into 2 STACKS, with a BASE BLOCK that begins each STACK. These BASE BLOCKS are the days we cook our proteins and veggies and take only 20 hands-on minutes in the kitchen.

Then on the other days, we change or add to the foods that were made in the BASE BLOCK in order to create 2 more unique meals in each STACK. And get this, those meals only take about 5 minutes for you to assemble.

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Edible Native Sun - Natural Foods Market

Amy’s ‘meal stacks’ are a brilliant way to make cooking with real ingredients an easy, manageable option for busy people who want to eat with intention. Her program covers the basics of stocking a kitchen and how to cook satisfying meals by mixing and matching fresh produce, proteins, and pantry items creatively throughout the week. - Amy Robb, Publisher, Edible Northeast Florida