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On Getting YOUR Kids to Eat Healthy (and actually like it) Part 2

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Welcome back! We are here talkin’ about how the heck to get our kids to actually eat, dare I say “enjoy” (and not declare war) on healthy food! Check out Part 1 Here. 

Tip #3- Early exposure is good, when talkin’ food.  When my first kid was just shy of one, a friend came to visit me in Seattle, our home at the time. She would not stop taking photos of him eating “unlikely foods” and doing “unlikely things” in the kitchen–ya know, like eating capers straight from the jar, drinking green juice, tasting fresh rosemary on a walk, testing spices–ginger, garlic, chili pepper, you name it! I didn’t think these things were strange until I watched her responses.  Now, I’ve come to see that exposing kids to various tastes from an early age helps expand their palette and prepares them to try different foods without inducing all kinds of craziness. 

Tip #4- Dip it, cover it, mix it up! These are some “tricks” I consider when I look at a veggie that I’m pretty sure my kids will be scared of, or will act like they are choking on. Enter the conversation in my head…“What fun sauce could they dip this in? Ranch, ketchup, honey mustard, salsa? Should I cover this broccoli with cheese or soy sauce/coconut aminos? Or, how about that rutabega–If I chop it up and mix it greek yogurt and put cheese on top, they won’t even realize they’re tasting a new veggie!”

Want another idea that works almost every time? Try giving your kids lunch plates with a bunch of grazing foods shaped into a funny face.. Then, encourage your kid to eat by jokingly saying things like, “The eyeballs tasty?” I have all boys, so of course we always look to see if the olive “nose” has any boogers in it, but you get the idea…

Tip #5- Learn what they like, and love ’em with it! Who wouldda known that this firstborn kid of mine would grow up to love raw green beans and cauliflower but not like either of them cooked…like, at all!?  So, as a way to honor his preference, I will set aside raw green beans or cauli for him, then cook the others for the rest of us.  My middle kid loves ranch, so he will eat just about anything if that is offered as a dip with it. Honoring your kids preferences in little ways shows you know and care, all the while proving to them that healthy eating can actually be enjoyable, imagine that!!

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Hope you found a nugget or two to help you.

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