Healthy eating + time saving strategy is what Eat Real With Me is all about. 
With the entrance of kid #3 into my world, I was hard pressed to find clean meal plans that didn’t have me in the kitchen for 2-3 hours prepping, making and cleaning up dinner… only to start again from scratch the next night. That got me thinking – of all places, time in the kitchen should be planned WELL and made SUPER strategic! We should make the MOST of every minute there, while not sacrificing the quality of our food.
In 2016, I launched The Stacked Meal Plan. It is not just any ‘ol meal plan with healthy stuff that looks good!  It is strategically grouped original recipes that will bring your time in the kitchen and grocery bill way down, and your health and happiness way UP.
Your time is super valuable… so is your health. Jump in and let me do the work for you (well, most of it),
Amy Jensen