Make 6 Dinners in 1 Hour!

Because you don't have time to start from scratch every day.

Dinner is coming, again! You need a system.

We call it The Stacked Meal Plan

  • 4 – Five minute meals & 2 – Twenty Minute meals each week
  • A Stack = 3 meals made from the same base proteins and veggies.
  • Each stack starts with one 20 minute meal that is the foundation for two additional 5 minute meals.
  • Every meal plan comes with 1 shopping list that has 2 stacks. So that’s 6 meals in 1 hour!

How It Works

Gluten Free and Good

A sustainable gluten free dinner plan requires a system. We’ve got you covered. See if you even notice that these meals are wheat free, dairy optional and paleo adaptable!

Get Your Groceries Delivered

To save even more time, we have loaded our super efficient dinner recipe shopping lists into Instacart for you! Just click to deliver!

Fast and Easy

60 minutes of hands on cooking time for 6 Dinner Meals. We don’t simply write individual recipes, we cook up “stacks” of recipes that build on each other. This is where the value is.

Personal Meal Plan Library

Our user friendly meal plan library system allows you to quickly access your favorite meals. Optimized for your mobile devices.

Meal PlanRecipes
January 30, 2018

Week 5

20 Min. Meal- Tandoori Drumsticks over Mint Rice with Curry Cauliflower
5 Min. Meal- Buddha Bowls with Mint Cucumber Salad
5 Min. Meal- Honey Turmeric Chicken Salad with Apples and Chickpeas
20 Min. Meal- Mushroom and Onion Burgers with Sweet Potato Fries
5 Min. Meal- Sweet Potato Shepherds Pie
5 Min. Meal- Zucchini Boats with Kale Salad

Meal PlanRecipes
December 15, 2017

Week 51

20 Min. Meal- Shrimp’n Black Eyed Peas

5 Min. Meal- Bacon and Pea Shepherd’s Pie
5 Min. Meal- Wintery Potato Soup
20 Min. Meal- Sausage, Mushroom & Kale Risotto
5 Min. Meal- Sun-dried Tomato Bake with Side Salad
5 Min. Meal- Sausage Pizza with Roasted Broccolini

Meal PlanRecipes
December 1, 2017

Week 49

20 Min. Meal- Fast & Tasty Pulled Chicken Tacos
5 Min. Meal- White Bean and Chicken Chili
5 Min. Meal- Verde Chicken Enchiladas
20 Min. Meal- Lemongrass Burgers with Thai Sauce
5 Min. Meal- Lettuce Wraps
5 Min. Meal- Coconut Rice Bowls with Lemongrass Dressing

Game ChangerErin B.

“I eat better, I feel better, and life is overall less stressful. It seems silly that so much can improve with just this one little change but that's the way it's gone for me and I am so thankful to Amy for creating such a great, easy to follow, delicious meal plan.”

Life ChangingNicolette M.

“I've been so happy with this meal plan. It couldn't be easier, or more budget friendly! We feel like we are eating out every night, yet we've also lost weight? And are saving money? It's kind of everything you want wrapped in one.”

Best Meal Planning Solution I've Ever TriedLindsay G.

“Pretty sure I've saved at least $100 just in the last two weeks by simplifying ingredients needed across meals and not having to make last minute meal decisions which are usually more expensive.