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5 Ways to SAVE SO MUCH TIME in the kitchen

Here they are: 5 Ways to SAVE TIME in the kitchen Always fill your oven full. Don’t waste the time and energy cooking only 2 chicken breasts and 2 potatoes, go ahead and cook a full pan of each so that you have quick, healthy options to grab when things get hectic. You can roast just about anything at 400 degrees, with the time depending on the type of food. Make a double batch of all dressings/sauces. Dressings and sauces are very versatile and most can last for over a week in the fridge. If you are going to spend the time assembling a homemade sauce, optimize those minutes by doubling your output.

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3 Tools You Need to Be a Faster Cook

We all have that drawer, don’t we? That drawer full of all the one-click ordered items that we swore would make us cook more, cook faster, cook better! Avocado slicer, single egg boiler, tomato fresh-keeper….. It's ALL sold now! In my starting-out, getting comfy in the kitchen days, you know what would have been actually helpful- - - a clear, concise guide of what I really did need to be an efficient, pretty good cook.   I’m no Food Network chef but I do cook all the time, for a lot of people, and I have gone through a lot of bad products.  I’m a minimalist at heart, so if something doesn’t serve multiple purposes, then it doesn’t earn it’s keep...

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