How to Hate Grocery Shopping Less

How to Hate Grocery Shopping  Less

Ya'll, grocery shopping is THE adult chore, isn't it? 

Why do we most of us hate-it-- Is it because it takes so long? Or because  it's overwhelming - too many options and not enough brain power to put towards it?

Well, in my 20+ years of doing this chore, I have learned some things that reeeeally help! 

Here are 4 things you can do to make grocery shopping BETTER:

  1. Order online: A grocery delivery service has changed my life. Shipt is my personal favorite, but Instacart is a another option. Target, Walmart and some other stores have free pick-up services that allow you to place an order on line, then have the groceries placed in your car at your designated pick up time.
  2. Organize your shopping list. Here are the categories I recommend: Produce, Protein, Packaged. Simple but effective. Just by looking at your sorted list, you can save yourself time shuffling around the store AND determine how healthy (or not) your meals will be. For optimal health, aim for 60-75% of your list to fall under the first category "produce," with the next highest being in the "protein" category and "packaged" being minimal.
  3. Develop a routine. Pick a day that you will shop or order your groceries on a weekly basis and mark it on your calendar. This allows you to start a habit, and repeating the same thing over and over is what leads to success and the healthy change you'd like to see.
  4. Treat yourself. Find something- a quality chocolate bar, your favorite drink, a new savory snack, whatever feels like a reward and throw it in your cart. Doing this will help you look forward to this chore at least a little bit!

Alright, pick one to try this week and see if it improves the grocery-getting experience. -->

Which one are ya gonna start with? 


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