5 Ways to SAVE SO MUCH TIME in the kitchen

5 Ways to SAVE SO MUCH TIME in the kitchen

I, so often feel like there just aren't enough hours in the day to get done what needs to happen. 

Do you agree that one of the most time consuming places in our homes is the kitchen? Between prepping, cooking and cleaning, it starts to feel like you live in that room of the house, doesn't it! When I started thinking, "how can I make the most of this hour in my kitchen?," these tricks developed...

  1. Always fill your oven full. Don’t waste the time and energy cooking only 2 chicken breasts and 2 potatoes, go ahead and cook a full pan of each so that you have quick, healthy options to grab when things get hectic. You can roast just about anything at 400 degrees, with the time depending on the type of food.
  2. Make a double batch of all dressings/sauces. Dressings and sauces are very versatile and most can last for over a week in the fridge. If you are going to spend the time assembling a homemade sauce, optimize those minutes by doubling your output.
  3. Utilize a gallon sized Ziplock bag.  Here's what you can do with it:
  • coat meat/veggies in egg wash or breadcrumbs
  • cover veggies evenly in olive oil before roasting
  • mix a salad with dressing
  • marinade your meat

    Best part is… you rinse it out and recycle instead of using 5 minutes to scrub a giant bowl clean.

    1. World's Fastest Roasted Veggies…. Set your oven to a HIGH BROIL and roast veggies on the top rack for 4-8 minutes, depending on what they are. Lay a piece of aluminum foil over the pan to keep from burning, then remove the last 1-2 minutes for the chargrilled effect.
    2. Blend instead of hand mixing. With only 5-10 seconds of blending you can make just about any soup, dressing, sauce, and even mashed potatoes. To clean your blender in 3 seconds, simply: rinse blender right after using it then add a small amount of dish soap and about 2 cups of water. Pulse for 5 seconds, rinse twice and you’re done!

    Alright, how are you going to get your kitchen ninja on first? Tell me!  

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