3 Tools You Need to Be a Faster Cook

3 Tools You Need to Be a Faster Cook

We all have that drawer, don’t we? That drawer full of all the one-click ordered items that we swore would make us cook more, cook faster, cook better!

Avocado slicer, single egg boiler, tomato fresh-keeper….. It's ALL sold now!

In my starting-out, getting comfy in the kitchen days, you know what would have been actually helpful- - - a clear, concise guide of what I really did need to be an efficient, pretty good cook.  

I’m no Food Network chef but I do cook all the time, for a lot of people, and I have gone through a lot of bad products.  I’m a minimalist at heart, so if something doesn’t serve multiple purposes, then it doesn’t earn it’s keep in my kitchen.

So, here they are: ones that have stood the test of time and multi-use functionality, and come out strong!

  1. Cast Iron Skillet. - I recommend Lodge brand, and I grabbed mine off of amazon.  Can’t even count how many skillets I’ve been through and this is the only type that actually gets better with time.  This skillet can transfer from the stovetop directly to the oven, saving you time and allowing you to make one pan meals very easily. For cleaning, just know soap is the enemy. Water and a scrub brush will clean it 95% of the time, then always dry and rub with oil & a paper towel after each use. I’ll be adding a cast iron griddle to my collection this year, so I have more surface area when cooking larger amounts.
  2. Cafeteria- Lady Baking Sheets. Go big, go double (get 2)!  The oven is your partner in cooking large amounts of healthy food fast, a must for meal preppers and families, for sure. If you cover one with meat and the other with veggies, there are endless options for a week’s worth of meals, here is an example.
  3. A Bad-A Blender. I use mine almost on a daily basis for everything from sauces to soups to smoothies. You can get a full meal in a matter of minutes, when a machine this powerful is involved. I have a Blendtec, but friends with Vitamix’s and Ninja’s are real happy with their machines too.


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