The Clean Foodie's Guide to Costco

The Clean Foodie's Guide to Costco

Healthy eating can get prettttty pricey? Shoot, life is expensive, isn't it? 

I've searched the shelves doing some price comparing so you don't have to, and here's what I've found to be the best quality at the best value at Costco:

13 Real, Gluten Free Foods You Should Buy From Costco

  1. Organic meats- I usually purchase these in bulk when local grocery stores run a good sale, but otherwise if I am running low, I grab some grass fed beef and organic chicken breast and thighs here. I separate the packs, which are already pre-portioned in 2-4 servings and freeze.
  2. Wild caught fresh fish/shrimp- Not a fan of the farmed stuff, so whenever I see wild salmon/white fish, I buy one big filet and cut it in 1 serving portions, then lay them out flat in a large resealable plastic freezer bag, roll it up and pop it in! Then, I can rest easy that I always have some good quality fish on hand.
  3. Brown rice ramen squares- Need I say more? The gluten free life is now lacking nothing :)
  4. Organic spinach, kale, and spring mix- The best bang for your buck is here! PS. Did you know leftover spinach can easily be frozen? Just add leaves to a large freezer bag and make sure to add some extra air to the bag (so the leaves don't all clump together when they freeze). 
  5. Other organic fruits and veggies in bulk- For me, this means avocados, apples, bananas, brocolli, green beans, etc.
  6. Chicken bouillon- Okay, this stuff saves me $10 a month, Im sure. You simply mix 1 tsp with warm water and a quick (and cheap) cup of chicken broth will magically appear before your eyes. I love using only what I need, then being able to store the rest for multiple weeks in the fridge.
  7. Organic brown rice and quinoa- These big ‘ol bags of these here so you can feel just fine about cooking these often and not running out of stock!
  8. Seasonings you use a lot of- I grab their garlic powder, sea salt and pepper.
  9. Avocado mayo- Chosen Foods Avo Mayo is found here in a large jar. This stuff tastes better than regular mayo, in my opinion, and is much healthier for ya!
  10. Breads- OK, so the DL on gluten free bread is this… I really haven’t found one that I love that is readily available- but I do find Udi’s whole grain bread to be pretty tasty when toasted and topped with something awesome, or when made into a panini. So, I grab a loaf of Udi’s and freeze half right when I get home. Because the rest of my fam isn’t GF, I grab a 2 pack of Dave’s killer bread for them.
  11. Quality Tortilla Chips - I really enjoy the texture and taste of these two: Late July or Food Should Taste Good. As a side note, veggie straws and/or other gluten free and non-GMO snacks in bulk are great to grab here if you have lots of eaters in your home!
  12. Organic eggs- best bang for your buck here! I normally grab 2 cartons of 24 eggs.
  13. Frozen Fruit for smoothies- Their organic mixed berry blend is my normal go-to, but there are other varieties as well. We won’t use these often in our meal plans buuuut real eaters usually have smoothies as a way to load up on fruits and veggies. 

    What did I miss?? Don't leave us hangin, comment with your best Costco snag below!

    Also, you'll wanna check out what to buy from Trader Joes!


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