If you missed my three tips to beginning to eat healthy, check those out here.

Now, for how to KEEP eating healthy, I’ll let ya in on a few secrets that work for me!

Secret #1- Treat yourself… for real. You need to, otherwise your family members will find you hiding in the closet binge-eating your kid’s halloween candy collection. EVERYONE needs a little treat sometimes! I’m all for that, I just recommend picking treats that fall into the “real food” category, which means it has ingredients you recognize and ingredients that are in their natural state. You might be surprised what is included in this category- multiple dark chocolate bars (my fave) and some pretty darn good stuff!! Some of my favorite “real” treats are: this iced coffee or this apple berry crisp that’s gluten free and absolutely delish!  On my list for this week are homemade margaritas and 3 ingredient chocolate peanut butter cups! 

On a similar note, all those favorite “unhealthy” meals of yours- nachos, burgers & fries, chinese take out, pizza, fried chicken, you know where I am going with this– well, they need not be gone forever because there are real-food and healthy ways to include those! And you’ll want to include them, otherwise it will just take a second of being out and hangry before you satisfy those cravings with the fake-food stuff. Some of my favorite “healthy-hacked” meals are orange chicken, sweet potato nachos, southern crispy chicken, and too many pizzas and tacos to name! Eating healthy does not mean (and should not mean) depriving yourself of the styles and types of foods you love! Really, it just means an upgrade in the quality of them.

Secret #2- Enlist help. Seriously, especially if you have a family, you will REALLY need some help thinking of ideas, cooking and feeding your people healthy, real foods in a sustainable way. Do yourself a favor and getcha some assistance. There are many different meal plans out there, choose one depending on what you are looking for.

Some factors to consider are:

-what type of eating do you value (vegetarian, paleo, keto, gluten free, vegan, high on veggies, low-carb, real food only)

-what time do you have to give in the kitchen (gourmet style meals, quick and easy, or…as fast as humanly possible)

-cost (consider the cost of plans here, but also consider the cost of ingredients, including any leftover ingredients needed to make the meals)

-do you want to choose your meals of have them chosen for ya?

Hey, don’t forget to pair your meal plans with a grocery delivery service like Instacart or Shipt, it’s seriously a game-changer!