6 Real Meals In 1 Hour

We believe our time is valuable.

This is for you if…

  • you don’t want to spend the evenings stressin’ and cookin for hours.
  • you value healthy eating at home.
  • you want a simplified way to shop, eat, and cook.


This isn’t for you if…

  • you want a site with a billion recipes to choose from.
  • you like to start from scratch everyday, and don’t mind spending 1-2 hours on dinner each night.
  • you love putting time and energy into meal planning.
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The stacks are our secret sauce.

  • A Stack = 3 meals made from the same base proteins and veggies.
  • Each stack starts with one 20 minute meal that is the foundation for two additional 5 minute meals.
  • Every meal plan comes with 1 shopping list that has 2 stacks. So that’s 6 meals in 1 hour!
Baked Chicken Parmesan

20 Minute Meal

Favorite Chicken Salad

5 Minute Meal

Chicken Cacciatore over Spaghetti Squash

5 Minute Meal

How It Works

Gluten Free

And Good

A sustainable gluten free diet requires planning. We’ve got you covered. See if you even notice that these meals are wheat free, dairy optional and paleo adaptable!

Fast and Easy

60 Minutes for 6 Meals

60 minutes of hands on cooking time for 6 Meals. We don’t simply write individual recipes, we cook up “stacks” of recipes that build on each other. This is where the value is.

Free 7 Day Trial

No Risk

It costs $0 to sign up and get a whole week’s meal plan! After 7 days, we assume you love it and start your paid subscription. Not your thing? No worries, just cancel before 7 days and you pay $0 and walk away with a FREE meal plan.

Get Your Groceries Delivered

Instacart Integrated

To save even more time, we have loaded our super efficient shopping lists into Instacart for you! Just click to deliver!

Personal Meal Plan Library

Archives and PDF's

Subscribers get access to their ever growing meal plan library online.

Nothing Weird

Just Meal Plans

I’m not a guru. I’m not a life coach. I’m a mom of three with little time, but a passion for healthy food that tastes good.
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Love it!Amy H.

“It has cut the energy of coming up with unique and healthy meals as well as cut the work of putting together grocery shopping lists each week. With little kids and busy schedules this has been perfect.Totally recommend!”

Love Eat Real With MeDanielle R.

“I am so glad that I stumbled across Eat Real With Me! I came to the conclusion that one of the things I'm not great at is meal planning & budgeting. This is the first time as a wife & mom that I have consistently stuck to a meal plan and that is because it is all done for you. The shopping list is broken down so it makes shopping quick & easy, even with a three year old in the shopping cart. Lastly the meals are amazing! We have loved every single one!”

Game ChangerErin B.

“I eat better, I feel better, and life is overall less stressful. It seems silly that so much can improve with just this one little change but that's the way it's gone for me and I am so thankful to Amy for creating such a great, easy to follow, delicious meal plan.”

Life ChangingNicolette M.

“I've been so happy with this meal plan. It couldn't be easier, or more budget friendly! We feel like we are eating out every night, yet we've also lost weight? And are saving money? It's kind of everything you want wrapped in one.”

Best Meal Planning Solution I've Ever TriedLindsay G.

“Pretty sure I've saved at least $100 just in the last two weeks by simplifying ingredients needed across meals and not having to make last minute meal decisions which are usually more expensive.

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